Peter Nguyen

Installer/Network Specialist/Customer Service Rep

Peter is an expert in the field and has been in the Consumer Electronics Industry since 1991, holding positions in sales and management. His goal is to provide the best customer experience by sharing his passion for technology. He is married to the love of his life, has 2 adorable little girls and a step son who is currently in the Marines. In the summer, he likes taking the family camping in Chelan. In his free time, he likes to keep current on technology by reading tech magazines.



Wes is an audio and video installation expert. He has worked 10 plus years for Home Entertainment Solutions and is a valued part of our team. He likes to build things from scrap materials and likes the challenges of making somethings simple like the TV and WALL look great together. Wes enjoys designing and building custom snowboards/skateboards, as he once did for a living and it’s still a hobby. Wes also enjoys working with the newest Electronic equipment and the constant upgrades in this industry-brings never-ending changing work environment and loves that our crew is always up for the challenge. I like to wash my car on Sundays, drink beer and tequila, and ride my Onewheel XR.

Brian Ritchie

Owner & Operator

I started in the AV business in October 1988; sales and sales management with Silo, Magnolia Hi Fi and Good Guys. I started Home Entertainment Solutions, Inc in 5/2003, seeing a lot of potential to bring our experience to the Seattle area and offer a service we can be proud of. We’re very blessed to have built one of the best Audio/Video & Networking design and teams in Seattle. Outside of work, I love playing and coaching basketball, playing golf, racquetball and tennis. Spending time with friends and family are some of my best times. What I’m most proud of is building a team, that all have a passion for doing the right thing. Listening to our client’s needs and wants and designing the right system, with the right products and for the right price. Thinking outside of the average answer to be creative and different than most of the common responses.