Professional Home Entertainment Installation In Bellevue

home entertainment installation in Bellevue

A home theater offers you a nice outlet for family time and for entertaining guests. However, if you have the installation done incorrectly, it is not going to give you the value and function that you had hoped for. This is when you need to look to the professionals to help you make the best decisions for home entertainment installation in Bellevue.

Our staff at Home Theater Solutions have all of the expertise and skill to help you with every aspect of home theater installation, including flat panel television mounting, custom audio solutions, seating and design, media accessory selection and so much more.


The last thing that you want to have happen is your television and surrounding system is installed and you notice that you are either too far away or much too close to be able to fully enjoy the viewing experience. We are available to take all of the guesswork out of making sure that you have optimum viewing with proper seating placement. You need to be far enough to get a quality image, but you never want to be so far that you end up feeling as though you are missing out on the tiny details like you are sitting way back in stadium seating.

Neck Strain

While you may think that placing your television over your fireplace will be a great idea, we can tell you from experience that this is something that may lead to neck strain depending on placement. We will be happy to go over the perfect height and angle that will give you the right installation, whether it will work over your fireplace or if you should think about another location. Our team can show you the perfect viewing angle, which should be between 15 to 35 degrees in order for you to avoid any sort of neck strain.

Premium Sound

Any good home entertainment setup should include some of the best sound to truly elevate your viewing experience. We have the ability to get you the HD quality, vibrant sound that you need with all of the right components. Our skilled professionals understand everything having to do with home theater installations and we will take your needs in quality sound into account during the design process. For many spaces, it will be a matter of picking out the perfect components and strategic placement of all of the elements of the room in order to utilize the acoustics in the most effective manner possible. If you have questions on the different components that you have to choose from for your home entertainment space, we can go over the various speakers, power amplifiers, subwoofers and speaker stands and mounts to provide optimal placement.

Once you know that you want to have a home entertainment system installed in your home, apartment or condo, we can be there to go over your needs and put together a detailed plan and estimate for services.

When you find yourself in need of professional home entertainment installation in Bellevue, you can always count on our team at Home Entertainment Solutions. Call us today at (844)437-4621 for more information!