New Construction In Redmond Calls For Professional AV Installation

New Construction In Redmond Calls For Professional AV Installation

Building a home from start to finish is a challenging yet exciting experience. You can tailor every detail to your likes and budget, including the initial installation of your audio and video systems. Home Entertainment Solutions loves to work with clients wishing to have new construction AV installations in Redmond and the surrounding areas. It is all about listening to your wishes and designing a plan.

The pre-construction phase of building a home is the optimum time to plan your audio and video systems. You can hide wiring behind walls and ensure that all your fixtures and accessories have their own space. We are well known with many contractors in the area, making for a good working relationship.

Some helpful tips as you start this process with us include:

  • Deciding where you want audio and video – For some people, whole-home audio is non-negotiable. You can select all the areas where you would like music piped in, and we can ensure you have all the speakers and connections necessary. Again, running all these wires during construction makes it easier!
  • Selecting your gear – This is also the perfect time to pick out all the right equipment, how you will power and control the system, and many other details. We have extensive knowledge of all the top brands in the AV industry today to help you make the perfect selection.
  • Home theater installation – Most homes today are designed with a dedicated home theater, game room, or entertainment space. We can review your options to ensure your viewing enjoyment reaches the next level!

Home Entertainment Solutions has years of experience in audio and video, ensuring you have a quality installation you can be proud of investing in. All of our work is guaranteed, and you can feel confident we only use the best materials, wiring, and components.

Call our pros at Home Entertainment Solutions at (844) 437-4621. We are happy to help design your new construction AV in Redmond.