Are you tired of dealing with wires for your outdated sound and media system? Are you ready for an upgrade to your viewing and listening? Then it’s time to work with the experts here at Home Entertainment Solutions. We are experts in all things sound and video and make your home a theater without breaking the bank. See below how we can assist you with your multi-room audio & video products in Whidbey Island:

Our team has experience in this industry that helps to configure the best setup for your home. Whether it’s an apartment or a two-story house, we can help you design a multi-room system that allows you to get the sound and audio you want in every single room.

We work on a variety of areas, including:

  • Installing Theater Screens – The type of screen you view your movie or show on makes a huge difference. You can choose a retractable screen for your home theater system to ensure you have plenty of room in the home. This is the way to view a movie or a clean, crisp wall without a screen.
  • Wiring Options – There are many options to wire the home without seeing visible cords everywhere. This process we do involves easy access from room to room without you seeing bulky equipment or cables in the way.
  • Control Center Options – Gone are the days of having to keep multiple remotes lying around for your sound and video. We can easily streamline all your controls into one app on your phone.

If you want to know more about the many multi-room audio & video products in Whidbey Island we can provide, give the office a call today at (844) 437-4621.