Make Life Easier With New Construction Audio & Video Installation Service In Kent

New Construction Audio & Video Installation Service In Kent

It goes without saying that building a new house is going to be one of the larger decisions that you will end up making in your entire lifetime. Once you know that it is time to build, it is best to make sure that the plans for your home will measure up to all of the latest technology in the world today. If you are thinking about building your home from scratch, you need to contact Home Entertainment Solutions, Inc. to learn more about our new construction audio & video installation service in Kent.

There is a lot that goes into the planning of a new home or even putting together a major remodel. Because of this, the first step to have a project that is successful will be very careful planning. These are some of the areas that we will cover when we start working with you on your new construction A/V needs:

Consultation – Having an informative consultation will help to determine your exact needs and what plans should be made moving forward. We will sit down and listen to the budget that you have in mind and the exact details that will make your installation the best that it can be.

Design Budget – When it comes to your budget, you will see that your gear will only be the beginning. It is important that you are informed about labor costs and any of the upgrades that you are looking for moving forward.

Building Process – As a homeowner, it is crucial that you are able to know every detail of what you should expect whether you are remodeling or building your new home from scratch. Our experts will talk with you about everything that you can expect from start to finish with your new construction A/V design and installation.

Gear – Do you happen to have some gear from your old home? If so, you may be wondering if you should be bringing it with you. Our team of professionals has the experience and insight necessary to ensure you have all of the right gear for the ultimate installation.

Timelines – There is nothing worse than having a timeline in your mind that is not realistic when it comes to an A/V installation in your new home. We will provide you with a solid timeline and our staff will always do our best to meet up with the agreed upon dates.

Checklist – We will get you a building checklist that is unique to your project so that you can track the entire process from start to finish.

When you are contemplating new construction audio & video installation service in Kent, you can trust our staff at Home Entertainment Solutions, Inc. Call us today at (844) 437-4621 to learn more about what we can do for you in the initial planning phases of your build. It is always our goal to keep you pre-wired for the future and we will show you with your new home build what we can do for you.