When it comes to audio and video in your home, everything starts with an idea. To bring those ideas into reality, it is best to have a team that you can count on for professional design and installation. This is where we can help at Home Entertainment Solutions when you get in touch with us for home entertainment consultations in Mercer Island.

From the very beginning of your home entertainment project until the end, we are available to ensure your inspirations and ideas come to life. We would love to talk with you during an in-home consultation so that we can go over our process and all that our skilled technicians have to offer.


Your project will always start with a no-obligation consultation. This is our time to learn more about your household and the goals that you have in mind for your home entertainment design. We take the time to learn about your tastes, what your needs are, and what the budget is that you would like to stick to.

Our team at Home Entertainment Solutions will make suggestions on a layout that will check each box off of your list. Even if you are not sure what you are looking for, we are here to bounce ideas back and forth so that the result is A/V that you can be proud to show off to your friends and family while enjoying it each day.

Are you looking to mount new televisions throughout your home, or do you have a more elaborate home theater installation in mind? Will you be going the route of a fully automated home viewing space or switching to smart home technology? These are all areas that we can go over to make sure that your final installation is everything that you wanted it to be and more.

Talk to Home Entertainment Solutions by calling (844) 437-4621. We can set up home entertainment consultations in Mercer Island to get your installation started!